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Airline Forces Woman To Change Before Boarding

JetBlue employees allegedly gave this woman an ultimatum: cover up or stay put.

The passenger, who goes by the name Maggie McMuffin, lined up to board her flight in the look pictured here only to be told that her attire was to inappropriate for the plane ride. She would have to redress or find another way home from Boston to Seattle.

Having nothing else to change into, Maggie bought pajama bottoms from an airport gift shop and was allowed to board. The kicker: she had flown in that exact same outfit on the exact same airline earlier that day.
In a statement issued to ABC News, JetBlue said that it stands behind its employees’ decision to ask Maggie to change clothes. The airline will reimburse her the $22 that she paid for the pajamas and give her a $162 credit toward a future flight.

Word to the wise: short shorts are a weirdly un-2016 no-no according to JetBlue.

source: ‏@WTHRcom

JetBlue employees allegedly gave this woman an ultimatum

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