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All Rise for Judge Jasmine Twitty

Jasmine Twitty
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    All Rise for Judge Jasmine Twitty

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      All Rise for Judge Jasmine Twitty

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      November 13, 2019

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Growing up, Jasmine Twitty always had an opinion. Her parents used to call her “mouthy.” Now, the South Carolina native’s penchant for being judgmental has put her in the history books. At just 25, Twitty became the youngest judge to ever be appointed or elected in the history of the United States.

After graduating with a degree in political science from the College of Charleston , Twitty wanted to do two things: work in public service and leave South Carolina. She started putting in long hours as a clerk in the Greenville County Bond Court. “The hours were long, but I was excited. I was the youngest person there and asked 1001 questions a day,” she recalls.

It was during her clerkship when Twitty realized she had what it took to be a judge. In South Carolina, summary court judges are appointed and don’t need to attend law school to secure a judgeship. Twitty completed a training program and passed a certification examination and was on her way to making history. “The day I was sworn in felt surreal,” she says.

When she isn’t busy holding court, Twitty works with LeadHER, a group she co-founded dedicated to the professional development of women.

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