As Luck Would Have It

Part 3 Premieres Thurs., Sept. 14 at 8/7c on LMN

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 3 Murder for Sale
S 1 E 3

Murder for Sale

Aired on Sep 14, 2023

Gabbi’s longtime friend, Kimberly Stark, is finally selling her home after residing in it for many years. But the morning after the very first open house, her broker is found dead in her foyer. Naturally, Kimberly turns to Gabbi for help but there are few leads and it’s initially presumed that this was a simple burglary gone wrong. But after questioning Kimberly, Gabbi points Lisa and her partner Rick in another direction.

 2 Old Flames, New Fire
S 1 E 2

Old Flames, New Fire

Aired on Sep 07, 2023

When her father, Michael, becomes a person of interest in the untimely death of his ex-business partner, Wayne, Lisa must do whatever she can to help. Though reluctant to do so, this means she will need to enlist the aid of her mother, Gabbi, to lend a hand (and her brain). Together, they work through the list of other possible suspects, including Wayne’s jealous ex-wife, his new business partner and the business manager who knew where Wayne has been hiding his money.

 1 Murder 101
S 1 E 1

Murder 101

Aired on Aug 31, 2023

When Gabbi’s (Jackee Harry) former associate Charles David (Jon Bridell), the Dean of Criminology at Williams College, is found murdered the morning she is to deliver a guest lecture, classes are cancelled, and an investigation quickly ensues. Gabbi finds herself at the center of the investigation of the murder alongside her daughter, Lisa (Wilkerson), who happens to be a detective on the case, and the two must put aside their petty disagreements to help solve the crime.

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