Twisted Sister

Premieres Fri., Mar. 24 at 8/7c; Stream Next Day

About the Movie

Emily is a successful PR executive who seems to have everything going for her: she owns her own firm, has a wealthy inheritance, and a beautiful daughter. Even couples therapy is going really well and her husband, Kyle, is about to move back in. So, when a woman named Lily shows up on Emily’s doorstep claiming to be her half-sister, Emily takes her in with open arms. Kyle, however, starts acting strange. Lily agrees to take a DNA test, but in the meantime Emily and her new sister get to know each other–they hang out, run errands together, and Emily even invites Lily to start working at the firm. She is family after all. Emily is suddenly poisoned and Kyle blames Lily. But, after Lily’s DNA test comes back as a match, Emily thinks her husband may be the culprit since therapy has taken a turn. When Emily is completely at a loss as to who she can trust, Lily explains everything. Stars Mena Suvari and Joy Nash (2023).

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