The Killing Pact

About the Movie

Hayley Udall tries to make ends meet for herself and her 14 year-old daughter while providing alimony for a dangerous ex-husband. She wishes her problems with her ex could go away, and upon venting her frustrations one night, finds herself tangled up in a pact with two people (Melanie and Kevin) to “eliminate” each other’s problems. It seemed like innocent wishful thinking, but as people end up dead–including Hayley’s ex-husband–Hayley is trapped. She tries to clear her name but the police are eyeing her for her ex-husband’s death as well as others. Then Melanie abducts Hayley’s daughter as leverage to force Hayley to follow through and kill one last person. With the police trying to find the truth, Hayley must hurry to save her daughter and find a way to avoid murder. Emily Rose, Brian Krause, Melanie Stone star. (2017)

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