The Cheerleader Murders

A cheerleader thinks a dark curse has moved on from her until two teammates are kidnapped.

About the Movie

Ellie lives in a cursed town with a string of tragedies–the most recent being the murder of her sister and father. She hopes the darkness is behind her, but when her fellow cheerleaders Dee and Morgan are kidnapped, Ellie knows the curse is at work again. After Morgan is found dead, Ellie becomes determined to rescue Dee and expose the killer, but it may already be too late…and she may be next. As the police struggle to find a lead, Ellie begins an investigation of her own–but each step closer to the truth is a step closer to death. Starring Samantha Boscarino, Amanda Leighton, Hannah Kasulka, Chelsea Zhang, Austin Lyon, Tessie Santiago, David Rees Snell, Nigel Gibbs, and David DeSantos. (2016)

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