Stalker's Prey

Laura's rescuer slowly develops an obsession with her and begins to stalk her every move.

About the Movie

Laura’s life is turned upside down when she is attacked by a shark while celebrating her 18th birthday. She’s rescued by Bruce, a handsome young man just returned home from college. As she recovers, he becomes a local hero for his bravery. As the dust settles, Bruce seems smitten with his damsel in distress, but Laura is not ready to move past the boyfriend she lost in the attack. Bruce shows up in more and more places in her life, but her friends and family can’t see the hints of obsession that she starts picking up from her dreamy rescuer. When she tries to tell him no, she winds up being stalked by a local hero who believes that she owes him her life. Saxon Sharbino, Cynthia Gibb, Mason Dye star. (2017)

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