Stalked by My Mother

When Maddy gets a boyfriend, she realizes her mother is a stalker with a desire to kill him.

About the Movie

When high school senior Maddy Beauregard falls in love with a college frat guy, Maddy’s over-protective mom strongly disapproves. Followed everywhere, Maddy realizes her own mother is a deranged stalker with a twisted desire to kill her new boyfriend. After a fierce argument, Maddy’s new boyfriend is found murdered. Police suspect Maddy is the killer–but Maddy is certain her mother did it! Maddy flees from the cops, embarking on a secret mission to prove her mom’s guilt. Will the police believe her? Or will Maddy go to prison, knowing her own mother killed the boy she loved? Stars Jennifer Taylor, Danielle Chuchran, Mia Topalian, Spencer Neville, Leith Burke, Brian McGovern, Kevin Scott Allen, Mim Drew, Ted Jonas. (2016)

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