Sex, Lies and Murder

A young man hatches a devious plan to destroy a college professor's life and career.

About the Movie

Maggie and her husband Richard are both college professors and have a daughter, 17-year-old Jenny. Their marriage is falling apart, and when Richard admits to having an affair with a student, they separate. Maggie and best friend Alyssa intend to have a girls’ night out. At the bar meets Kyle, handsome and charming and she revels in his attention. After one too many drinks, they share a passionate night. She is later stunned to see Kyle in her class, who claims to be a fan of her best-selling book on serial killer Cordell Colton. It is only then that we begin to discover Kyle’s shocking secret as he sets out to destroy Maggie’s life and career by framing her husband for murder and seducing her daughter. Lindsay Hartley, Andrew Philip Rogers, and Katie Kelly star. (2021)

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