Secrets in the Family

About the Movie

Ana is a nurse struggling to pay for school. When she comes across a lucrative job caring for Joan, a woman struggling with dementia, Ana is intrigued. Joan’s children, Carla and Jason, interview Ana for the job and, despite Carla’s cold demeanor, Ana wins them over. Following a rough start with Joan, Ana eventually earns her trust and begins dating Jason. When Joan tells Ana she thinks someone is trying to kill her, Ana dismisses Joan’s claim as paranoia, although Ana has noticed the groundskeeper, Terry, has an unhealthy interest in Joan. As strange things begin to happen and lead to Joan’s sudden death, all signs point to Ana as making one too many careless mistakes. Determined to find out what’s really happening, Ana brings her suspicions to Jason, but he’s convinced this is all just a delusion his mother has concocted. Could he be right? Or was Joan telling Ana the truth all along? Stars Maia Alvina, Ann Macdonald, Robert Notman, Louise Lambert, and Stuart Constable (2022).

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