A single mother discovers her daughter is missing and works as a cam girl to pay for college.

About the Movie

Single mom Joanna is looking forward to surprising her daughter, Lizzie, at college. But when she arrives on campus, Joanna is shocked to learn Lizzie is missing. As Joanna searches her daughter’s room, she learns Lizzie has a job as a cam girl–something her resident advisor, Zoey, says Lizzie started doing to help pay for school. When Joanna discovers Lizzie’s co-worker has been killed in her apartment, she reports the murder and her daughter’s disappearance to police but is dismissed because the girls are sex workers. Outraged, Joanna turns to Zoey and learns Lizzie and the other cam girl had a mutual top subscriber named Paul. As Joanna sifts through Lizzie’s computer, she becomes convinced Paul is responsible for her daughter’s disappearance. Will Joanna be able to figure out the puzzle in time to save her daughter? Carrie Schroeder, Madison May Crawford, Rachel Thundat, Russell Quinn Cummings star. (2022)

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