Psycho Storm Chaser

A nurse tending to a housebound coma patient is forced to stay behind during a hurricane.

About the Movie

When a Class-3 Hurricane hits the Brody Peninsula, nurse Abby Fields has a decision to make: attempt to move the comatose Hannah Banks out of her family home or stay and weather the storm. Abby decides the safer of the two options is to stay. Abby, Tony, the other nurse, and Ella Banks, Hannah’s sister and Abby’s less-than-sweet employer, decide to hunker down with supplies and s’mores to wait out the storm. What none of them realize is that there’s somebody else on the peninsula with them: Dr. Carl the Storm Chaser, a TV celebrity and secret serial killer that uses storms to cover up his heinous crimes. Rib Hillis, Tara Erickson, Mary O’Neil star. (2021)

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