My Stepfather's Secret

About the Movie

Bailey Kershaw, 19, returns home for the summer after her freshman year of college to discover that her mother, Tina, has a new boyfriend, Hugo, who she plans to immediately marry. Bailey is unsettled by Hugo and how quickly he has invaded her family home and has completely changed her mother’s lifestyle. Tina can’t see beyond Hugo’s charm or her own emotional needs and persuades Bailey to try and get along with Hugo. Bailey becomes aware of some questionable dealings Hugo is involved in. She discovers that not only is Hugo in debt to shady criminals, but she and her mother are now in real danger. Bailey must outrun and outsmart an insidious criminal element to save her own life, protect her mother, and unearth the electronic currency treasure left to her by her real father. Vanessa Marcil, Eddie McClintock, Kevin Sizemore star. (2019)

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