My Stepdaughter

About the Movie

Newly married, Jill strives to connect with her husband’s teen daughter Casey while raising her own seven-year-old daughter, Lydia. Casey soon proves to be the only thorn in Jill’s otherwise blissful blending of two families. Secretive, with a penchant for dark clothes and thick, black make-up, Casey tries her best to create a rift between her dad and Jill. Jill seeks help from her husband, friends and school, but all say just give Casey time to adjust. But, when Jill’s handicapped mother suddenly and mysteriously dies, Jill is struck by the thought that somehow Casey’s involved. As Jill puts the puzzle pieces of her mother’s death together, a deadly battle of wills ensues between mother and stepdaughter with the life of Lydia hanging in the balance. Emmanuelle Vaugier, Matt Socia, Niki Koss, Ava Acres star. (2014)

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