My Daughter's Double Life

Premieres Friday, October 1 at 8/7c on LMN

About the Movie

When Heather discovers her teenage daughter, Ally, is missing, she immediately goes to the police. The police find Ally’s belongings by a river and presume she has drowned. Determined to prove her daughter is alive, Heather begins going through Ally’s possessions and uncovers Ally’s odd friendship with a group of troubled teens at a nearby youth center led by a man named Bridger. Heather leans on her trusted friend and minister, Jack, during this ordeal. As Heather struggles to find anything about this mysterious youth center, she finally catches a glimpse of Ally. At first elated to have found her daughter, Heather soon learns her daughter seems to have joined a cult. Desperate to save Ally, Heather breaks into the youth center only to realize she might be the one who needs saving. Ren Ashton, Jacey Nichole, Jacob Young, Alivea Disney, Chad Bradford star. (2021)

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