Years since her husband passed away, Lisa's life has a solid foundation again.

About the Movie

It’s been years since her husband passed away, and Lisa’s life finally has a solid foundation again–she has a high power job, a stable relationship with her longtime boyfriend Mark, and her teenage daughter, Sienna, is excelling in life. That is, until Sienna expresses her desire to become an actress. Reluctantly, Lisa signs Sienna up for her dream acting class. As classes come and go, it feels as though Sienna is becoming more distant from Lisa and more controlled by the coach of the acting class, Max. Could Sienna’s acting coach be grooming her for a high-powered Hollywood cult on the West Coast? Soon, Lisa finds herself racing to Hollywood save her daughter before it’s too late. Starring Samaire Armstrong, Cameron Jebo, Neela Jolene, and Erik von Detten.

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