Based on a true story, the movie follows childhood sweethearts Morgan and Rodney.

About the Movie

Based on a true story, the movie follows Morgan (Jana Kramer) and Rodney Metzer (Austin Nichols) who were childhood sweethearts and married by the time Morgan was just 21 years old. The couple loses their first child shortly after birth but are overjoyed when they have twins a year later. Tensions began to rise when Rodney loses his job and goes into debt. Rodney blames their fights on Morgan’s drinking – even if she’d only had one – and convinces Morgan that she pushed him down the stairs in a blackout rage. The couple finally separates, and Morgan’s life begins to turn around, until Rodney gets diagnosed with cancer. Not long after, a masked intruder breaks into Morgan’s home and assaults her. Rodney shows up only minutes after the intruder is gone; when authorities question him, Rodney’s story doesn’t seem to be adding up. Does Rodney really have cancer and is he the hero that he claims to be, or has he been gaslighting Morgan for decades? J. Barrett Cooper, Denise Dal Vera and Maximo Sherman also star.

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