Exposes the practice of boys “hunting” nude photographs of female classmates.

About the Movie

Inspired by real stories, Friday Night Sext Scandal exposes the practice of young boys “hunting” nude photographs of female classmates in order to share and trade with others. When 16-year-old Shawn (Anthony Timpano), a talented football athlete, lands a spot in the starting lineup, he is welcomed into the team’s inner circle. However, he soon discovers that these elite players are involved in a sick, secret game that is playing out under the noses of their community. Teenage boys are hunting for and posting nude photographs of their female classmates on a covert website where “bounties” on targeted girls are placed, and the compromising images are traded like baseball cards. Just as Shawn is riding the high of being on the team and with the girls at school, he suffers a serious knee injury that takes him out for the season. Feeling a loss of his new identity and wanting to maintain his status with his teammates, Shawn gives in to pressure and engages in his own secret “hunt,” keeping his best friend Lauren (Keana Lyn Bastidas), and strong-willed mother, Lucinda (Tara Nicodemo), from knowing. But when the site and nude photographs of the teenage girls are discovered, Lucinda and others fight to hold those accountable, only to learn a devastating truth about those involved. Devyn Nekoda also stars.

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