Evil Stepmom

A teen uncovers a sinister secret about her father's new girlfriend and her young daughter.

About the Movie

Annabelle and Gabriella are twins, and Annabelle is ready to see their dad, Tim, start dating again after years as a widower. Gabriella, however, fears Annabelle is rushing their dad by setting up a secret dating profile for him. When transfer student Bethany joins their soccer team, Annabelle realizes Bethany’s mom, Caroline, has matched with their dad on his dating profile. Tim and Caroline immediately hit it off, but Gabriella is suspicious of how quickly Caroline and Bethany have inserted themselves into their lives. Determined to prove the women are up to no good, Gabriella must find out the truth before Caroline can become their evil stepmom. Tara Spencer-Nairn, Julia Lalonde, Randy Thomas, Hannah Vandenbygaart star. (2021)

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