A dispatcher discovers a delivery driver at a facility is stealing packages.

About the Movie

When Chloe (Lyndon Smith), a delivery dispatcher at a local shipping facility, notices the odd behavior of Theo (Steve Kazee), one of the delivery drivers who is grabbing packages daily for someone not on his usual route, she discovers he is secretly stealing packages so he can meet the homeowner, social media influencer Natasha (Jenna Dewan). Driven by her own curiosity, Chloe finds herself as enamored with Natasha as Theo is. Soon, Chloe develops a full-blown obsession and takes on a new identity to befriend Natasha. But Sloan (Rachel Lindsay), Natasha’s best friend and manager, begins to grow increasingly suspicious of the newcomers in Natasha’s life and will do anything to protect her, even if it means putting herself in danger.

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