Ex-convict Larry Ray (Billy Zane) unexpectedly moves into his daughter's dorm.

About the Movie

When ex-convict Larry Ray (Billy Zane) unexpectedly moves into his daughter’s dorm, he enthralls her friends with conversations and promises to help them with personal transformations by preying on their insecurities and fears. Under Ray’s influence, the students uncover false memories of childhood trauma that Ray uses to further alienate them from their families. As the students continue to fall under Ray’s control, he begins to target their friends and family, extending his reach of emotional, financial, sexual abuse and mental manipulation. As the students get pulled deeper into the cult, Ray’s control moves from emotional and mental to sexual as well, creating a web of lies and deceit. Tedra Rogers, Frankie Warren, Alexis Sides, Erin Walsh, and Elizabeth Röhm co-star. (2024)

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