Deadly Girls' Night Out

About the Movie

Willa heads to her hometown for the holidays for the first time in years. She and her high school friends Naomi and Tia decide to hit the town for a girls’ night out. The fun is cut short when Naomi meets an untimely death. All signs point to apparent suicide, but Willa doesn’t believe this. Desperate to avenge their friend, Willa and Tia try to dig up any piece of evidence they can find. But with no real leads, they are left hopeless and worse, it appears someone doesn’t want Willa to keep searching. Now in danger, with the clock ticking down, Willa must find the truth before someone puts an end to her search–and maybe her life. Gina Vitori, Ren Ashton, James Hyde, Emma Jessop, Josh Murray star. (2021)

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