Deadly Dance Competition

About the Movie

High school student Reagan can’t wait to finish her latest dance video for an online contest. Her mother Beth couldn’t be prouder. Suddenly, Reagan goes missing. Beth turns to two people for help: Reagan’s best friend Lina and Lina’s father, Kyle. Beth can’t help but suspect Samantha, Reagan’s biggest rival in the dance contest, and Samantha’s friend Mona. As Beth gets closer to the truth, Kyle knocks her out and abducts her. Beth wakes up in the school’s boiler room, where she sees Reagan confined. Mona is there, watching them. Mona admits she and Kyle have been having an affair. When Reagan and Lina were filming, they accidentally filmed Mona coming out of Kyle’s room. If Beth wants to save her daughter, she’ll have to deal with Kyle first. Natasha Wilson, Emma Jessop, Matthew Pohlkamp star. (2021)

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