Dangerous Snow Day

About the Movie

Maggie is the au pair to one of the most well-known and wealthiest families in town, but the job is not nearly as glamorous as it may seem. While she adores the children, the parents are a problem. Between Kristen’s overbearing attempts at friendship and Frederick’s uninvited glances, it’s not exactly a warm and welcoming home or workplace. Frederick finally corners Maggie, and when she immediately rejects him, he becomes furious and fires her. And when she tries to find a new job, Maggie finds out that she has been blacklisted. Even worse, it seems that her life may be in danger as she starts to have close calls with “accidents.” Maggie must figure out how to keep both herself and the children she has come to love safe. But as a big storm settles in, Maggie realizes that she may have not seen all the danger. Nicolette Langley, Alex Trumble, Matthew Pohlkamp, Kate Watson star. (2021)

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