Find out what major costume mishap Agnes Bruckner had on the set of "Anna Nicole" and learn what activity helps her wind down in this exclusive Q&A!  

How did you prepare for the role of Anna Nicole Smith?

I had 2 weeks to do as much research as I could! So much of Anna's life was on line, so YouTube and Google searches helped me a lot!

Which scene did you enjoy shooting most?

I can't choose just one! There were so many different moments I enjoyed...especially with the amazing actors Martin Landau, Adam Goldberg, Virginia Madsen and Cary Elwes.

What was it like working with them?

Everyone was so passionate about this project and so professional! They were amazing and really helped me become Anna!

Any costume mishaps on set?

We were shooting a scene at the speedway where Anna hands over the winning trophy to the winning driver and after handing it over, I was doing my sexy Anna moves and one of my chicken cutlets (which is a padding in my bra that us ladies use for extra lift) fell out of my shirt and landed on the stage! I didn't know what else to do but pick it up and yell Wahoooooo!

What’s one thing you share in common with Anna Nicole Smith?

One thing I took away from playing Anna Nicole was a little bit of her girlieness. Being a tomboy myself, she definitely made me feel more comfortable being girly.

Share one fun fact that fans might not know about you. 

I'm a huge gamer! I love playing World of Warcraft. It helps me wind down and escape reality for a few.