A Mother's Escape

A mother realizes she has to stop her husband's abuse once and for all.

About the Movie

Inspired by a true story. Murel has made her fair share of mistakes, and it seems like the only good thing in her life is her seven-year-old son Kipp… which is why the two of them are currently driving across Oklahoma, away from their home and not looking back. Murel is determined to protect her son, including spiriting him away from her second husband Tommy also Kipp’s adoptive father, whose drinking and abuse has gotten out of control for the last time. But when she discovers that Tommy has reported Kipp’s disappearance as an abduction, Murel finds herself on the wrong side of the law. Now a fugitive on the run with the sirens closing in and Tommy with a restraining order against her, Murel must take matters into her own hands to end Tommy’s abuse once and for all… no matter the cost. Tara Buck, Beth Grant, Billy Blair star. (2016)

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