The Top 20 Moments From Season 16, Episode 12: There's Snow Business Like Sew Business

1. It’s snowing on the runway! Heidi was loving it.

2. While introducing the winter wear challenge, Heidi was adamant that “snow way, snow how” would a snowsuit be acceptable.

3. Sketch time was a little chillier than usual.

4. After blowing a decent amount her $400 budget on fur, Margarita was told that “Runway” is a cruelty free show, and that she couldn’t use it.

5. As a sign of good sportsmanship, the other designers allowed her an extra five minutes to pick out new fabric.

6. Kentaro’s described his coat as simply delicious.

7. Kenya… never the bride challenge winner. (TOUCHY SUBJECT, TIM!)

8. Tim called Ayana’s painting experiment a “kindergarten project.”

9. And told Margarita that her dress looks like a horror movie.

10. But he had rave reviews for Brandon.

11. So Brandon took a nap.

12. The true meaning of this season, as told by Kenya:

13. After a rough few weeks, Heidi (and the rest of the judges) sang Kentaro’s praises.

14. When asked who should join them at Fashion Week, none of the designers said Margarita.


15. Kentaro goes to Fashion Week!

16. Brandon goes to Fashion Week!

17. Ayana goes to Fashion Week!

18. Margarita goes to Fashion Week!

19. Kenya goes to Fashion Week!

20. Everyone goes to Fashion Week!

Want more? Watch the full episode here and listen to the official recap podcast here.

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