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 1 49 - Cults
S 6 E 1

49 - Cults

Aired on Dec 05, 2010

A young girl is turned into a sexual slave for a self-proclaimed prophet. An idealistic young man is brainwashed by a dangerous and racist cult and a young woman breaks out of the violent religious organization she has been born into.

 2 Tere/Christa/Brian (#50)
S 6 E 2

Tere/Christa/Brian (#50)

Aired on Dec 12, 2010

A dream vacation turns into a murderous nightmare for an 11-year-old girl when she is orphaned and left to drown on a sinking yacht; a volunteer aid worker in Haiti is buried alive in a collapsed building when an earthquake strikes; and a truck driver’s life is threatened when armed men invade his cab.

 3 Gracia/Michelle/Richard (#51)
S 6 E 3

Gracia/Michelle/Richard (#51)

Aired on Dec 19, 2010

Kidnapped at gunpoint, Gracia and her husband Martin are forcibly marched through the Philippine jungle by Islamic militants who threaten to kill them; driving in the Idaho Wilderness, Michelle is impaled in the neck by a branch that burst through her window; Richard is abruptly woken by a knife-wielding intruder who attacks him while searching for money.

 4 52 - Tennille/Chris/Joyce
S 6 E 4

52 - Tennille/Chris/Joyce

Aired on Jan 02, 2011

A young girl is abducted and brutally raped in her car. A diver on a boat trip has a terrifying accident in the middle of the night. And a restaurant manager becomes embroiled in a violent domestic argument that leaves two people dead.

 5 Lori and Pat/David/Kevin (#47)
S 6 E 5

Lori and Pat/David/Kevin (#47)

Aired on Jan 09, 2011

An armed robbery on a Mexican beach escalates into a horrifying sexual assault for a California couple. An afternoon run in the woods becomes a battle for survival when a tornado strikes. And a Pastor is disemboweled and left for dead by a knife wielding assailant in a brutal home invasion.

 6 Kristina/Jon/Amanda (#53)
S 6 E 6

Kristina/Jon/Amanda (#53)

Aired on Jan 16, 2011

A woman fights for her life as her boyfriend stabs her in the chest and then embeds a knife into her skull. A man trapped for three days in his basement with his arm caught in a boiler faces an agonizing decision–amputate or die? And a teacher is carjacked by an armed fugitive who holds her hostage in a motel and forces her to smoke crack cocaine.

 7 Danielle, Amy, Mark (#54)
S 6 E 7

Danielle, Amy, Mark (#54)

Aired on Jan 23, 2011

Acting as a good Samaritan to a 14-year-old boy, Danielle is shocked when the boy pulls a gun on her and forces her to drive to a secret location before shooting her point blank in the head. While hiking in the remote Sierra Nevada Mountains, Amy is critically injured after falling 60ft into a rocky ravine. Capt. Mark has moored his big game fishing boat at a Mexican marina when a deranged intruder surprises him in an unprovoked knife attack that leaves him fighting for his life.

 7 Regan/Gary & Scott
S 6 E 7

Regan/Gary & Scott

Aired on Jun 09, 2013

A young girl and her best friend are abducted by serial killers. Two hunters crash their small plane in the remote Alaskan wilderness and are horrifically burned.

 8 Teka/Robert/Debbie (#55)
S 6 E 8

Teka/Robert/Debbie (#55)

Aired on Jan 30, 2011

A young woman is abducted by another woman who tries to steal her unborn baby from her body. A geologist is attacked by a 500 pound grizzly bear. And a woman is shot and held hostage by a drunk ex-Marine.

 8 David/ Sandy and Ken/ Maura
S 6 E 8

David/ Sandy and Ken/ Maura

Aired on Jun 16, 2013

A teenage boy is abducted, sexually assaulted and tortured. A nanny is attacked by a 14-foot Nile crocodile in a remote African river. And a mother of two is abducted by a knife-wielding stranger who is covered in blood.

 9 Jennifer/Neely Ann (#57)
S 6 E 9

Jennifer/Neely Ann (#57)

Aired on May 15, 2011

A young nurse is abducted and tortured by a serial killer who has already murdered four other women; a mother and her four year old daughter are trapped in the attic of their house by a flash flood.

 10 Sharetha/Joe/John (#56)
S 6 E 10

Sharetha/Joe/John (#56)

Aired on May 22, 2011

After being abducted at knifepoint and gang raped, a seven month pregnant woman has her throat cut and is left to die; a man survives the terrifying crash of a Boeing 737 only to face freezing to death in an icy river; and when an armed man starts executing people inside a warehouse one man has to fight for his life by playing dead.

 11 Kara/Dan/Tamecka (#58)
S 6 E 11

Kara/Dan/Tamecka (#58)

Aired on Jun 05, 2011

A 15-year-old girl is abducted and raped by a serial killer. A photographer is trapped under the rubble of a collapsed hotel in the Haitian earthquake. A woman is beaten and slashed with scissors by a neighbor.

 12 Jason, Dave and Joe/Martin (#59)
S 6 E 12

Jason, Dave and Joe/Martin (#59)

Aired on Jun 12, 2011

A canyoneering trip becomes a terrifying fight for survival when a flash flood launches three men over two massive waterfalls, and a 13-year-old boy is abducted and raped by a serial pedophile before being chained up in a buried box and left to die.

 13 Julie/John (#60)
S 6 E 13

Julie/John (#60)

Aired on Jun 19, 2011

A mother and her two young children are abducted and taken into the Florida Everglades by a crazed attacker; a man is mauled by a hungry bear and fights for his life in the driveway of his holiday cabin.

 38 Lynda/Kendra
S 6 E 38


Aired on Sep 09, 2012

A woman who answers a desperate plea for help from her ex-boyfriend, finds herself trapped and repeatedly raped during a hellish four hours before she is strangled. And a young mother is stabbed over 25 times and left fighting for her life after she breaks up with a Hollywood actor.

 56 Morgan & Aaron/David/Amanda
S 6 E 56

Morgan & Aaron/David/Amanda

Aired on Apr 07, 2013

Two young Minor League ball players are hogtied and robbed at gunpoint in their hotel during Spring Training. A fishing boat carrying a crew of 26 catches fire and explodes in the icy Bering Sea. And a 19-year-old store clerk is abducted and sexually assaulted at knife-point.

 58 Louie and Wade/Sayeh
S 6 E 58

Louie and Wade/Sayeh

Aired on Apr 21, 2013

Two forest workers are attacked by a grizzly bear, leaving one of the men scalped. An eight-year-old girl and her younger sister are abducted by their mother’s pedophile ex-boyfriend, who then rapes the older girl repeatedly, before slashing both girls’ throats leaving them to die.

 61 Shaunna & Brad/Lee/Emily
S 6 E 61

Shaunna & Brad/Lee/Emily

Aired on Jul 21, 2013

A woman and her boyfriend are shot by her ex-partner and left to die in a burning house. A man pinned by his arm in his wrecked van faces amputation to escape. And a young mother whose neck is sawn open by an intruder plays dead in order to live.

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