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Full Episodes

S 5 E 1

Susan, John and Jean, and Penny

Aired on Jul 24, 2010

Attacked in her home by a man hired by her husband, a woman fights back, killing him. A couple and their four children survive against all odds when their yacht hits a reef in shark infested waters.

S 5 E 2

44 - Glen/Barbara

Aired on Jul 25, 2010

A California man taken hostage by Marxist rebels in Colombia survives by letting his capturers believe he’s busy dying. Two teenage girls on their way home from school are abducted, sexually assaulted, stabbed and left for dead.

S 5 E 3

Stephanie, Rich and Laura, and Craig and Crystal

Aired on Jul 31, 2010

A woman miraculously survives three gunshot wounds to the head. A family outing turns into a nightmare when they are attacked by bees while a school library becomes a killing field as two gunmen go on a shooting rampage.

S 5 E 4

Alga, Blaine, and Lincoya

Aired on Aug 07, 2010

Attacked and abducted by a church handyman, an elderly woman is left in the trunk of her car to die. A miner and eight co-workers survive 77 hours trapped in a rapidly flooding coal mine.

S 5 E 5

Frederic, Henry and Becky, and Missy and Mandy

Aired on Aug 14, 2010

An eleven-year-old boy wakes up one night and witnesses a vicious stabbing attack on his mother. A family is left stranded midair when the pilot of their small plain collapses at the controls.

S 5 E 6

Sharon, Al and Linda, and Misty

Aired on Aug 21, 2010

A woman is lucky to be alive after being assaulted by a man who has murdered before. A family’s snowmobiling outing on a frozen lake turns to horror when the father falls through the ice.

S 5 E 7

Phillip, Tunnelers, and Karen

Aired on Aug 28, 2010

A missionary working in Haiti is ambushed, shot and held for ransom by a gang. A tunneler returns to an underground shaft minutes after escaping to rescue two colleagues from the flooded cavity.

S 5 E 8

Danielle, Deborah, and Gordy and Betty

Aired on Sep 11, 2010

Attacked in her home by her mother’s boyfriend, a girl fights to stay alive after having her throat cut. An experienced sailor escapes from a sinking yacht only to watch three of her fellow crew members die in horrific circumstances.

S 5 E 9

Albert, Matt, and Kristie

Aired on Sep 18, 2010

A soldier’s New Year’s Eve turns into a nightmare when another soldier tries to kill him. A hunter breaks his leg in remote New Zealand mountains and is forced to endure an eleven day battle for survival.


Survivors of deadly situations recount their harrowing experiences.

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