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Full Episodes

S 3 E 1

Teri, Angela, and Ed

Aired on Jul 11, 2009

A mother is jammed into a trash can filled with snow and left to die by her ex-husband while a young woman scrambles to escape a gruesome pile up of injured bodies after an escalator malfunctions at a sports stadium.

S 3 E 2

Alfred, Jan and Jerry, and Ebony

Aired on Jul 18, 2009

Survivors from UA Flight 232 relive the terrifying moments leading up to and after one of America’s worst ever aviation disasters while a woman violently assaulted by two men displays extraordinary courage to flee her attackers.

S 3 E 3

April, Mark, and Jesse

Aired on Jul 25, 2009

A woman is assaulted then set on fire by her attacker, a man is forced to amputate his leg after it is caught in a drive shaft, and an act of kindness backfires on a long distance motorist who is left fighting for his life at the roadside.


Survivors of deadly situations recount their harrowing experiences.

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