The Pop Game

The Pop Game

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S 1 E 6

Song & Dance

Aired on Mar 24, 2017

Tensions boil over as Timbaland puts the kids’ songwriting and dancing to the test. Celebrity choreographers Benji and Lacey Schwimmer visit as one artist commits a frustrating faux pas, and a heated blow up leaves lasting impressions.

S 1 E 5


Aired on Mar 17, 2017

With soul-shaking acoustic performances of popular hits, Timbaland strips the aspiring stars down to the essence of artistry. Pop star JoJo mentors as one artist welcomes a surprise visitor, another enlists help from a competitor, and two moms go head to head.

S 1 E 4

You've Got The Look

Aired on Mar 10, 2017

Celebrity stylist Johnny Wujek masterminds pop star makeovers for each artist. A secretive outfit change and artist pushback leads to a pop chart confrontation. One artist takes a risky step out of their comfort zone, while another refuses to push far enough.

  • Slow Jams Performances

  • Episode 3 Performances

  • Grant's Episode 2 Performance

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