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Dance Moms Season 1 Full EpisodesHave yourself a "Dance Moms" marathon! Full episodes from Seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4 are streaming online now!

Mack Z It's A Girl PartyAll season you've seen Abby help Mackenzie prep for her pop music debut—and now it's here! Mack Z's first single, "It's a Girl Party" is now available to download on iTunes!

Dance Moms Music Guide Visit the "Dance Moms" Music Guide to stream and download the songs heard on the show!

Dance Moms Full DancesCan’t get enough of the ALDC’s award-winning routines? Full dances from each episode are streaming now!

Dance Moms Childhood photosBaby, you were born to dance! We have exclusive personal photo albums of the ALDC dancers and Moms, including pictures of the Moms as teens and baby photos of the girls!

Dance Moms House Tours Knock, knock, who's there? You! Your favorite moms are inviting fans into their homes in these exclusive "Dance Moms" video house tours. Come on in!