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  • SEASON 7 8 episodes available
  • SEASON 6 22 episodes available
  • SEASON 5 34 episodes available
  • SEASON 4 33 episodes available
  • SEASON 3 40 episodes available
  • SEASON 2 29 episodes available
  • SEASON 1 13 episodes available

Full Episodes


Battle of the Blondes

Premieres on Jan 24, 2017

The ALDC’s revolving door continues as Abby auditions a new dancer to be a part of the “Great 8” team heading to Nationals. Brynn, Lilly, and Maesi all go head-to-head with solos. And, the moms are hopeful the new dancer will complete the team, but Ashlee thinks otherwise when her mom insults Brynn.

S 7 E 8

ALDC Ain't Dead Yet

Aired on Jan 17, 2017

Abby takes the girls to a cemetery to get them in the spirit for a graveyard-inspired group routine. The moms are frustrated when once again Brynn is given a special part. Elliana and Lilliana are given head-to-head solos for the first time, but the pressure causes Yolanda to go too far at competition.

S 7 E 7

The Fresno Curse

Aired on Jan 10, 2017

Abby and the ALDC try to break the long standing losing streak in Fresno, CA. Holly’s nerves are frayed when Abby announces the theme for a controversial and racially-charged group dance. Meanwhile, Elliana and Maesi’s duet brings out the worst in Yolanda and Jamie’s already toxic relationship.

S 7 E 6

No Clowning Around

Aired on Jan 03, 2017

Nationals are only six weeks away, but a constantly changing team have the moms worried. Nia gets her first solo in a year and Abby gives two of her new dancers a chance to shine on stage. Meanwhile, the veteran moms go on the attack after one of the new moms puts down their kids.

S 7 E 5

New Kid on the Block

Aired on Dec 27, 2016

After the brutal dismissal of one dancer, Abby brings in a new dancer with an eccentric mom and gives her a challenging trio with the two minis. Abby encourages Brynn to lead Kalani and Kendall in their trio. The moms are fearful of ruining the ALDC’s winning streak when Abby assigns the first hip-hop routine since the elites walked out. Will they be able to bring home another win?

S 7 E 4

Winner Takes All

Aired on Dec 20, 2016

Abby challenges Daviana and Kalani to one of the toughest head-to-head solo showdowns ever. And, old tensions erupt when two minis rejoin the team and compete for a spot in the group dance. In a shocking move, Abby eliminates one dancer from her super team.

S 7 E 3

Return of The Rotten Apples

Aired on Dec 13, 2016

Abby and the ALDC bring an edgy group routine, inspired by Kalani’s 16th birthday, to this week’s competition hoping to overtake Cathy and her Candy Apples for the second week in a row. Kendall dances a Maddie-esque solo determined to beat Nicaya.

S 7 E 2

Abby's Worst Nightmare

Aired on Dec 06, 2016

Abby challenges the Junior Elites to a head-to-head competition and makes big changes to the team. In the hopes of finding her super team, Abby sends some girls home and brings in two new girls. But, when Abby’s biggest rival returns, the moms worry about her ability to hold it all together.

S 7 E 1

Fight for Your Life

Aired on Nov 29, 2016

After an explosive competition and eight week break, Abby reaches out to the Junior Elite moms and asks that they come to the ALDC to hear an announcement that she believes will change everything.

  • Bonus Full Dance: Kendall's "D.O.A." Solo

  • Bonus: Nia and Holly Head to Pyramid

  • Bonus: Fernanda Feels Used

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