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Freudian Sleep

The Cranes are plagued by bizarre nightmares on a trip to the mountains.
When Frasier (Kelsey Grammer) arrives home after a bad day at work, he overhears Martin (John Mahoney) plan for a weekend trip to the mountains with Ronee (Wendie Malick). Frasier mistakenly believes Martin is inviting him, not realizing he was talking to Eddie. Then, Niles (David Hyde Pierce) overhears Ronee's sarcastic remark that the whole family should go and he assumes he and Daphne (Jane Leeves) are invited.
At the cabin, Frasier has a disturbing dream that he killed Niles and married Daphne. After analyzing his brother's "simple" dream, Niles concludes that Frasier is jealous of him. Then, Frasier has another dream that he's a complete failure at work and is about to lose his job.
In the meantime, Niles retires to bed and has a far-fetched dream that he keep's putting his newborn baby in harm's way. He bolts out of bed, terrified that he's not fit to be a father. Meanwhile, Daphne dreams that five months after giving birth, she's larger than life. Every time she takes a bite of celery, she expands like a blimp and can't fit through the door. Niles insists her size doesn't matter, but cheats on her with bikini-clad service workers that show up at the house.
Awakened by their nightmares, Frasier, Niles and Daphne argue about each other's fears depicted in their dreams. Martin interrupts their senseless interpretations and sends them off to bed. Sound asleep, Martin finds himself dancing on a Broadway stage to "The Sunny Side of the Street."