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Adventures In Paradise, Part Two

As Frasier (Kelsey Grammer) and Madeline (JoBeth Williams) prepare for a romantic night in their Bora Bora cottage, Lilith (Bebe Neuwirth) and her new boyfriend Brian (James Morrison) coincidentally show up in the cottage next door. To cope with the awkwardness of the situation, the four agree to dine together. Later, Frasier, ever-jealous of Brian, imitates having a wild night of passion -- a performance which Madeline, Lilith, and Brian watch in utter disbelief.
Back in Seattle, Madeline accepts Frasier's on-air apology and the two profess their true interest in one another. Too bad their moment of bonding is interrupted by Lilith, who shows up at Frasier's condo. Feeling unwanted, Madeline beats a hasty retreat.
An angry Frasier chides Lilith for her bad timing, but is somewhat chastened when Lilith reveals the reason for her visit: she is planning to marry Brian. Just when Frasier is giving Lilith an innocent congratulatory kiss, Madeline returns to reconcile, but the kiss is the last straw, and she walks out of Frasier's life.