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Army Wives Episode Guide

Season 1, Episode 9:
Nobody's Perfect

Joan returns home, surprising Roland with her early arrival and her determination to put their marriage before her career. Frank is upset when Denise is delayed at the hospital and fails to show up at Major Weatherford's "Hail & Farewell. At the party, Claudia Joy overhears a heated, domestic dispute between Lenore Baker and her husband moments before Baker collapses from an aneurysm. As a result, Michael temporarily assumes the top ranking position at Ft. Marshall. At the hospital, Denise hears Marilyn spreading vicious rumors about Claudia Joy. Michael's new position gives him the opportunity to promote Joan to XO; she turns to Roland for advice, and together they accept her new position. Chase surprises Pamela with a 36 hour visit, and the reunion brings the two closer together. Roxy, feeling like she still doesn't know her husband very well, reaches out to Trevor to learn more about him. Angry at his wife, Frank visits the hospital to confront Denise, but instead watches her stabilize a patient, Sgt Greer. He realizes that Denise has a true nursing talent, and he apologizes for his behavior. After Denise warns her about Lenore, Claudia Joy brings everyone together to tell them the truth: while studying for law school, she accidentally killed a fellow student in a car accident and dropped out of school.