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Army Wives Episode Guide

Season 1, Episode 8:
Only the Lonely

With Jeremy gone, Amanda finds herself continuing to rebel against her parents, especially after Michael informs her about a family trip to Montana. Instead, she reaches out to Denise for comfort and insists on staying home during the vacation. Denise decides to pursue nursing at the post hospital, but finds herself out of place after 18 years off the job. The changes overwhelm Denise and she walks out before the class ends. An unexpected reunion with a friend from her past, Scott, brings up old feelings for Pamela, who is still coping with Chases? deployment. Pamela finds herself enjoying the attention and wondering what her life would be like if she married Scott instead of Chase. Roland finds himself in bed with Vanessa Kelsing, an attractive reporter who is in Charleston for 48 hours to interview him about his new book. Roxy befriends Delores, a recently widowed single mother, who cannot accept that she needs to leave the post as a result of her husband's death. Roxy seeks Claudia Joy's counsel and with their support and guidance, Delores finds the strength to face her grief. Together with Roxy and her friends, Delores successfully packs up her house and moves off the post. The experience gives Denise the courage to give the nursing program another try.