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Army Wives Episode Guide

Season 1, Episode 7:
Hail & Farewell

After a childhood of broken promises, Roxy has a hard time trusting that her mother, Marda, who unexpectantly visited in 107, is sober. Trying to make up for her past behavior, Marda enlists Pamela to help her plan a surprise birthday party for Roxy. The night before the party, Trevor takes Roxy out to dinner while Marda watches the kids. When they return home, the house is a mess, the kids are hopped up on sugar and Marda is nowhere to be found. Making good on a promise he made to a dying soldier, Frank visits the boy's father and gives him a message. Unable to deal with his own son's truth, Frank continues to shut Jeremy out of his life. In his darkest hours, Jeremy seeks comfort from Amanda. Michael and Claudia Joy try to diffuse the romance between the teens and tell Amanda about Jeremy's abusive behavior. Incredulous, Amanda confronts Jeremy and is shocked to learn her parents were telling the truth. Instead of pulling them apart, Jeremy's secret brings them closer together. The night before Jeremy leaves for boot camp, they lose their virginity to each other. Denise is distraught about losing her son to the army. Typically, Denise would turn to her best friend, Claudia Joy, for comfort, but their friendship is strained when Denise learned The Holden's didn't want their daughter dating her son.