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Army Wives Episode Guide

Season 1, Episode 6:
Who We Are

Frank gets a hero's welcome when he returns home to the post. With newfound compassion, Frank willingly accepts Jeremy's decision to not attend West Point. Holding to the promise he made to Michael, Jeremy reluctantly tells his father his darkest secret. Frank is enraged and without consulting Denise he throws Jeremy out of the house. A jealous Emmalin has secretly been tracking her sister, Amanda's, budding romance with Jeremy. Eager to stir the pot, she tells her mother about the romance. Claudia Joy and Michael, both aware of Jeremy's history as an abuser, desperately want to protect their daughter. When Jeremy comes to the Holdens seeking comfort from Amanda, Michael tells him he isn't welcome. While playing with the boys, Trevor falls over one of their toys and tears a ligament in his knee. Trevor's imminent deployment is on hold for at least six months while he rehabilitates his leg. Roxy's hidden elation comes to a grinding halt when her mother, Marda, unexpectedly visits. Charmed by his new mother-in-law, Trevor does not know the depths of Roxy's conflict with her inappropriate, alcoholic mother. Meanwhile, with Joan away, Roland is troubled and keeps to himself, working overtime to avoid the other wives. Marilyn reveals to Roxy that her husband has discovered her affair and by mistake, accuses Pamela of breaking the code.