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Army Wives Episode Guide

Season 1, Episode 5:
Independence Day

In response to the crisis in the Sherwood household, the walls around Joan and Roland's marriage start to crumble. Joan considers retiring from the Army and undergoing PTSD therapy for not reporting Belgrad's emotional condition in 103. Claudia Joy and Michael let Denise and Jeremy know that Frank is alive and on his way home. While Pamela and Roxy help prepare for the Independence Day celebration on the post, Claudia Joy discovers that as a result of Michael refusing to give Sgt. Belgrad a military funeral, his widow and children are being denied their benefits. At the Hump bar, Roxy spies Marilyn with another man and eagerly tells Pamela. Pamela sternly advises Roxy not to share this gossip with Trevor for there is a code among the women, they do not share any information that could ultimately put their husbands lives in jeopardy. During the Independence Day celebration, Claudia Joy makes a powerful speech about how the army, including their wives and families, must support one another, and never leave one behind. Michael is moved and, motivated by his wife's conviction, decides to reverse his early decision and Belgrad is given a proper Army burial. Joan leaves for PTSD rehabilitation. Thinking she has just ?lost? Chase in the crowd, Pamela is saddened when she realizes her husband is gone. He has been deployed by Delta Force.