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Army Wives Episode Guide

Season 1, Episode 4:
One of Our Own

Jeremy is at the movies with Emmalin and Amanda, on whom he is developing a crush, when he hears about his father's downed helicopter. In shock, Denise desperately wants to go to Frank and only Claudia Joy can reason with her that it's best to stay home. Denise's trauma strains her relationship with Jeremy even more. Meanwhile, Roxy realizes that her children are happy to have Trevor as their new father, and finally signs the adoption papers. Claudia Joy, seaking Roland's advice about Denise's current emotional state, is an unintentional victim of Sgt. Peter Belgrad's mental collapse. Belgrad takes Roland and Claudia Joy hostage at the hospital, and demands to speak to Joan. Delta Force is ordered to the site, as news crews and families gather outside. Joan reluctantly tells Michael about the events in Afghanistan that have lead to Belgrad's breakdown. Roland is shocked to learn from Peter about his wife's actions in Afghanistan. Roland is close to disarming Peter when a bullet from Chase's rifle takes his life. As Claudia Joy and Roland exit the hospital, Joan knows from the look on her husband's face that he knows her darkest secret. Relieved that her friend is safe, Denise returns home and waits for news about Frank.