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Army Wives Episode Guide

Season 1, Episode 3:
The Art of Separation

While practicing yoga, Claudia Joy and Michael discover that their daughter, Amanda, has been arrested for advocating peace in a war protest. Frank calls Denise, but she does not tell him that Jeremy isn't going to West Point. Denise finds the courage to tell Jeremy that he's never to touch her again or she?ll send him to jail. Michael challenges Jeremy to tell his father the truth about the abuse. Joan is called to check on Sergeant Belgrad (Jason Wiles), a soldier from her battalion who's suffering from PTSD. On his hospital psychology rounds, Roland hears about a soldier who has recurring nightmares about his female C.O. and Roland realizes he is referring to Joan. Pamela and Chase rekindle their romance and she discovers he never told the kids the truth about the twins. Roxy and Trevor discuss his will, and though she's afraid to think about his death, he reassures her that his love for their family will keep him alive. Jesse, TJ's father, shows up at the Hump Bar and instead of signing the adoption papers, he wants to reconcile with Roxy. Without Roxy's knowledge, Trevor confronts Jesse and gets him to sign the papers. The women are gathered at Claudia Joy's, when Michael comes home to report that a helicopter, carrying nine soldiers from Fort Marshall, including Frank, has crashed in Iraq. No one knows if he's one of the dead or one of the missing.