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Army Wives Episode Guide

Season 1, Episode 11:
Truth and Consequences

Frank is being deployed in three days, and though Denise urges him to see Jeremy before he leaves, an inadvertent meeting with Amanda spurs him to make the trip. There, Frank confronts his son about hitting Denise, but soon realizes that the abuse stems from his absence as a father in Jeremy's life. Roland confesses to Joan about his one night stand with Vanessa after she discovers the hotel key in his pocket, leading him to ask for a trial separation. Meanwhile, a stressed Pamela has a colorful spat over a parking space with Major Ned Case, and the argument inspires him to hire her as the lively on-air host for the post's radio station. General Grayson (Robert Forster) and his wife, Victoria (Barbara Eden), arrive at Fort Marshall for a routine post inspection, inciting some to believe that they're checking to see if Michael is a suitable replacement for General Baker. Alarmed at her husband losing his position as Post Commander, Lenore continues to sabotage Claudia Joy's reputation. This time, she spreads a nasty rumor around that Claudia Joy had an affair with her professor at Harvard, speculating that Michael is not Amanda's real father. Lenore also unabashedly snoops through Grayson's briefcase when Victoria is away, looking for insider information that would help her husband. When she discovers a "Project Scorpion" folder requesting Michael's support, Lenore mentions her discovery to General Grayson, alarming him with her knowledge of top-secret information. As a result, Lenore is taken away to be interrogated for breaching national security and Victoria reveals to Claudia Joy that she planted the folder to set Lenore up, and that Michael was going to be promoted to Post Commander full term.