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Army Wives Episode Guide

Season 1, Episode 10:
Dirty Laundry

Controversy erupts on the base when Claudia Joy discovers that her old friend, Hannah White (Ann Cusack), is returning to the post not only for a ceremony that's honoring her late husband, Derrick, but also to reveal that she's going to testify before Congress to uncover the truth about his death in Afghanistan. The confrontation leaves Claudia Joy in the middle, between Michael's urging to cut ties with Hannah in order to protect the Army's image, and helping her best friend find out if Derrick died as the result of friendly fire. Hannah's stance creates a rift between the Army wives, forcing the women to choose sides over the issue. Meanwhile, Roxy stresses over her marriage when her sex life with Trevor comes to a complete halt, leading the other women to rethink their own sex lives. Denise realizes that Frank makes the first move in the bedroom, and both Pamela and Roxy give her a wardrobe/hair makeover to give her more confidence. Joan's enthusiasm over finding Roland's interview in the National Dispatch magazine fuels his guilt about his affair, but he decides to keep the incident a secret. Claudia Joy approaches Hannah in hopes to mend their friendship, but when she learns that Claudia Joy still stands by Michael, Hannah decides to leave the post and the life she knew there forever.