All Mixed Up

Cooking Up Reality!

“All Mixed Up” is a half hour reality cooking show that combines the perfect mix of ingredients for food competition, food history, and exciting culinary adventure.

Three up-and-coming chefs compete before a panel of judges by taking simple ingredients and America’s favorite brands, and turning them into three unique, three course meals.

All must complete an Appetizer, Entrée and a Dessert.

Each episode will discover original recipes and food history that will motivate the cooking novice who can’t boil water….and the seasoned “foodie” who can’t get enough about food… Both will learn how they can create great meals at home as they root for their favorite chefs who are mixing up their masterpieces from the huge mixing bowls that are placed before them.

All will have 30 minutes to complete each course as the clock ticks away relentlessly exposing all the “heat” and drama while the pressure is on!

Who will survive being “All Mixed Up”? and… Who Will Win the Competition?

Tune in as we blend together a cup of inspiration, high energy, and lots of fun, and unfold a delicious television show that Cooks Up Reality and is… “All Mixed Up™!”