A Tribute to ChaCha

While his time on runway was short, he will live in our hearts forever. Relive his sparkly Season 16, Episode 1 moments:

ChaCha greeted the designers with youthful exuberance.

He proudly explained his design style.

He gave his model a backhanded compliment.

But then he sweetly hugged her. All better!

And embraced her curves.

The excitement at Mood gave ChaCha ants in his pants.

In the workroom, he confessed, “I’m having a hard time with patterning, sewing or making things fit.”

…which is probably why he called his model “fat.” (Editor’s note: She isn’t!)

Tim’s visit gave ChaCha anxiety.

But it left him with a great Tim impression!

ChaCha was really feeling his look during his fitting.

Being on the runway left him verklempt, even if he was in the bottom three.

ChaCha, in three words:

But sadly, he got the (cute, fun, happy) boot.

He just wished he had a better connection with Heidi.

He vogued goodbye to the other designers.

And left us with these parting words:

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