The Top 10 Moments From Season 6, Episode 3: Perfect Pairings

1. At famed NYC restaurant Daniel, the designers were informed that they’d be working in “perfect pairs.”

2. When Ari sips her wine, she is all of us:

3. Candice was trying to take her cues from her partner, Merline. But let’s be honest, in team challenges:

4. After her critique with Anne, Melissa did the “Project Runway” unthinkable: she ditched her original look.

5. Despite being on the top the past two challenges, Merline’s asparagus design had the judges cringing.

6. And Alyssa thought the hem on Candice’s pants was:

7. Guest judge Whoopi Goldberg gave Melissa’s dress a backhanded compliment… sort of.

8. Georgina had big issues that she could see the Ari’s model’s belly button.

9. Ken and Fabio were crowned the perfect pair!

10. Ari and Melissa were sent to “Project Runway All Stars” divorce court.

Want more? Watch the full episode here.

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