One Born Every Minute

One Born Every Minute

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  • SEASON 1 8 episodes available
  • SEASON 2 10 episodes available

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S 1 E 1

To Medicate or Not? That is the Question.

Aired on Feb 01, 2011
From a woman who wants everything she can get for pain to a woman who doesn't even want it mentioned, every Mom must make their own decision on how to manage their labor pains.
S 1 E 2

Expect the Unexpected

Aired on Feb 08, 2011
There's never a dull moment in Labor and Delivery. From the patients that you treat to the problems that you greet. Witness the most terrifying complication in Labor and Delivery and one of the most unusual patients ever...a mom pregnant with twins from two different fathers.
S 1 E 3

Who is the Baby Now?

Aired on Feb 15, 2011
A loving couple conquers the dreaded needle, only to face a gut-wrenching c-section. Two teenagers cram for the test of parenthood as they say goodbye to their childhood. And a first time mom tries to joke her way through delivery but it's her labor that gets the last laugh.
S 1 E 4

Mama Knows Best

Aired on Feb 22, 2011
Their first delivery was disaster, but even a military tour in Iraq couldn't prepare him for this. She has three boys at home and is carrying her last baby, but her dreams of having a girl are replaced with hopes for her baby's survival. It's the first baby for these newlyweds and when her labor starts to drag on her mother has to step in.
S 1 E 5

Mission Impossible

Aired on Mar 01, 2011
A self proclaimed type-A personality forgot her birth plan at home forcing her to rely on her primal instinct. A mom of four boys wants a girl and her parents are with her all the way but her delivery is way more than she bargained for. Finally, one surrogate mom gives the gift of life and helps a couple complete their journey to become parents.
S 1 E 6

Patience is the Name of the Game

Aired on Mar 15, 2011
This single mom is here to have her second baby, but her oldest isn't having it! And her pesky lip ring threatens the whole affair. It took them years to get pregnant with twins, and when her labor is prolonged dad's way of passing the time isn't really helping. Finally, her water broke late at night while the father is away at school. So her friend leaves the bar to be by her side. But even a little liquid courage couldn't prepare them for this delivery.
S 1 E 7

Fear is a Four-Letter Word

Aired on Mar 22, 2011
Two sportscasters are taking their first shot at parenthood, but a nagging condition threatens their chances for glory. Twins are in store for this happy couple but her previous delivery has everyone on the edge of their seats. And all pregnant women experience a little fear, but this first time mom takes being scared really seriously.
S 1 E 8

Miracles Do Happen

Aired on Mar 29, 2011
High school sweethearts having their second baby girl have the support of his parents but the real question is it helping? It's baby number two for this mom but a grapefruit-sized fibroid in her birth canal threatens to block her baby's delivery. And this single mother with twins could be the answer to a couple's 13 year-old dream of having a family.

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