My Ghost Story Caught on Camera

  • SEASON 1 14 episodes available
  • SEASON 2 22 episodes available
  • SEASON 3 10 episodes available


"My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera" features true and astonishing stories of the paranormal, told by the people who lived through them - and actually caught them on tape. From moving furniture to dark apparitions to violent poltergeists, these harrowing eye-witness accounts of the unexplainable are transformed into more than tales with terrifying visual evidence. Everybody has a ghost story, but these people have theirs on film.

Full Episodes

S 1 E 1
Episode 28

Aired on Apr 20, 2012

S 1 E 2
Episode 29

Aired on Apr 20, 2012

S 1 E 3
Episode 30

Aired on Apr 27, 2012

S 1 E 4
Episode 31

Aired on Apr 27, 2012

S 1 E 5
Episode 32

Aired on May 04, 2012

S 1 E 6
Episode 33

Aired on May 04, 2012

S 1 E 7
Episode 34

Aired on May 11, 2012

S 1 E 8
Episode 35

Aired on Jun 01, 2012

S 1 E 9
Episode 36

Aired on Jun 08, 2012

S 1 E 10
Episode 37

Aired on Jun 15, 2012

S 1 E 11
Episode 38

Aired on Jun 22, 2012

S 1 E 12
Episode 39

Aired on Jun 29, 2012

S 1 E 13
Episode 40

Aired on Jul 06, 2012

S 1 E 14
Episode 41

Aired on Jul 13, 2012

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