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  • Elena Gant from Little Women: LA
  • Terra Jole from Little Women: LA
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  • Traci Harrison from Little Women: LA

Elena Gant

•Elena is a full time actress and celebrity impersonator.
•She is also pursing a career as a graphic designer.
•Elena is the youngest of the "Little Women: LA" cast members.

•Elena was born and raised in Russia, but moved to California a few years ago.
•She began communicating with little people in America when she was 16. Elena first came to the US to attend a little people conference.
•Elena’s family lives in Russia. She has not visited them since moving to the US, but her mother visits often and they Skype everyday.

•Elena is currently married to husband, Preston Gant who is 6’2 and African-American.
•They have been together for three years and got married six months after meeting.
•Elena plans on having children sometime in the future.