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Little Women: AtlantaSeason 4

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  • SEASON 4 6 episodes available
  • SEASON 3 23 episodes available
  • SEASON 2 16 episodes available
  • SEASON 1 9 episodes available

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S 4 E 6

Radio Wars

Aired on Jan 17, 2018

During Monie’s surprise birthday party for Morlin, Minnie announces she’s landed a new gig in radio, putting Juicy on the defensive. With another baby on the way, Andrea gives Chris an ultimatum. As Tanya recovers after giving birth, she forced to make a difficult decision regarding her other children.

S 4 E 5

Skinny Minnie

Aired on Jan 10, 2018

Sam is forced to step in when Minnie decides to try a dangerous weight loss procedure. Amanda lands an apprenticeship at a local nail salon but her first job without her sister isn’t what she expected. After giving birth, Tanya is reluctant to bring her baby around some of the girls and that leads to a blow up fight.

S 4 E 4

You're Fired

Aired on Jan 03, 2018

Despite her mother’s skepticism, Minnie trains for her first 5K run with high hopes of hitting the finish line. With the Tiny Twinz on break, Amanda has a showdown with their manager Gayle. Meanwhile new manager Juicy signs her first artist, Abira! As Tanya prepares to give birth at home, dangerous complications arise.


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